Global Citizens School


About Global Citizens Education

Global Citizens Education is a program that one can experience global community and able to learn to live together through various experiences, dialogues, and campaigns.

Global Citizens School is certified by Korean National Commission for UNESCO(ESD: Education for Sustainable Development)


Experience events around the world


Thoughts connected with the global community


Education focused on relationship


Activities that contains entertainment such as games and arts

World Together is here to serve

World Together is here to serve

Global Citizens School Tutor’s Club ACCOMPANY

Select tutors and develop contents through regular meetings.


Enhance understanding, critical thinking, dialogue, and sympathy through diverse global issues.

Event / Campaign

In order to foster global citizens, the school offers special event lectures, Seoul Africa Festival, and various campaigns annually.

Lee, Se Young (Dongduchun Foreign Language High School)

“After joining the Global Citizens School, I wanted to do something meaningful as a global citizen. The most important lesson that I learned was to go beyond education and have passion to make changes. I also want to pass a message to others that they are also a global citizen.”

Tutor Moon, Tae Joon (Club ACCOMPANY)

“When I first met World Together, I was just a dreamer. But now I am able to notify others about global citizens, to give hope to teenagers, and to bring happiness through global citizens school. When I see my students showing interest towards the lives of other students who are on the other side of the world, I am very touched by the fact that these students are embracing the concept of global citizens.”

Teacher, Lee, Chun San (Osan Middle School)

“As I proceed Global Citizen Campaign with Osan Middle School, I was surprised that many students showed interest in this campaign. I was very excited by the fact that these students voluntarily and actively participated on the campaign. Also, I was positive that we could count on our future generation to proceed this concept of global citizen.”